Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm not worthy...

I'm not going to lie...this post has absolutely NOTHING to do with PR - I just need to talk about my night last night. I saw Bob Dylan....THE Bob Dylan.
In the days leading up to the concert, people were warning me that sometimes, he doesn't even acknowledge the audience. Sometimes he doesn't even turn and face the audience.
Last night at the K-Rock Centre, we apparently got a rare treat - he faced the audience, he came to the front of the stage and played his guitar. He played his harmonica. He even danced a little. And after the encore (during which, by the way, he played Like a Rolling Stone AND All Along the Watchtower), he even turned up the house lights and took a picture of the audience AND posed for pictures with his band. How lucky were we? At the end, not only did he introduce his band, but he also said, "Thank you, friends."

I grew up listening to Bob Dylan and I can't remember ever NOT being a fan. He is approaching 70 (I think he's 67 or thereabouts), and I had to see him before he stopped touring. I have been waiting for this concert for my entire life, and it was certainly a blessing to see him in a venue the size of the K-Rock centre (and to have 15th row, floor seats). It was truly humbling to be in the presence of true greatness.

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Paradise PR said...

I am so overly jealous of you, sounds like it was an incredible experience.